About Us

Parallel connects contemporary art practices with Web3 technologies. By combining conceptual explorations with bespoke tools we bring unparalleled art projects to life within sustainable blockchain ecosystems. We advise, consult, commission and curate.

Parallel develops a series of unique collaborations with fine artists, architects, fashion designers and musicians. Cutting through the noise in the NFT space, our project will favor projects with strong ideation and impact, and will be presented with context, historicity and integrity. The goals are never to create hyper digestible aesthetic snacks, but rather explore the blockchain as a medium, a support, a canvas and an interlocutor.

In our mind the value of art is not just in its availability and price, but in its context, its story, the audience it relates to, the history it comes from and the vectors it traces into the future. Curation is not just gatekeeping, it is also selection, presentation, grouping. We are not a platform that allows anyone to show anything, we propose to present thoughtful exhibitions. Artists will never be presented in a random fashion

Our first collaboration was with Art Brussels, presenting a series of building blocks to develop a deeper knowledge of art and web3 and building bridges between galleries and audience in the context of the fair. Find out more here

We are now developing a series of projects with fine artists, a podcast, various advisories, and more to come.