Art Brussels 2022

Parallel partnership with Art Brussels will bring the art fair and the participating galleries to the blockchain space by supporting their Web3, NFT, and crypto related initiatives.

Positioned at the heart of the fair, the Parallel booth serves as an NFT “touch point”.  Designed to inform, educate and support future NFT collectors and visitors who are curious about blockchain-based art practices. They will assist in wallet creation, purchasing, and larger questions around art and crypto. The booth will also serve as a starting point for guided tours for the fair’s invitees and visitors of the galleries that have NFTs for sale.

The booth will be equipped with tablets, preloaded with AR viewing software.  This will allow us to show our audience how the booth can be “augmented” with an extension of reality, based on the artwork that was designed for the booth.  This will allow us to introduce concepts such as the metaverse, and the idea of the intangible nature of digital art.

Extending the physical presentations at the fair, Parallel is partnering with JPG, a curatorial protocol for NFTs, to showcase a selection of the NFTs presented by Art Brussels galleries. This will allow to establish the genesis Web3 exhibition for Art Brussels, in collaboration with those leading the charge in making NFT curation a key part of this evolving space.

To go deeper into the topic, Parallel will organise a series of talks extra muros in collaboration with iMAL (Art Center for digital cultures & technology), the leading New Media Art Center in Brussels.  

The goal is to immerse the Art Brussels professionals and visitors into various aspects of NFTs, unpacking, exploring, critiquing and harnessing the constellation of concepts that form this new and fast moving space. By bringing together major players of the contemporary art worlds and crypto/NFT experts, they will use this opportunity to build bridges between these two worlds.

Full schedule available here