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The Parallel community lives on Discord, and is accessible to all. 

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Additionally, in the context of our first project - our collaboration with Art Brussels - we are launching an NFT series entitled “Parallel Genesis”, which will give its buyers some additional perks within the context of our ecosystem of projects and partners.

Beyond a list of immediate benefits to the buyers of the NFT, there is the idea of an exchange. The funds collected through the sale go towards the development of art projects, and thus buyers act as patrons of these projects. As such they receive

  • Early access to future project launches, aka “whitelisting”
  • Project by project perks (IRL invitations to talks, exhibitions and more)
  • Access to a more focused community made of like minded individuals who made the commitment to onboard and exchange
  • A secret benefit that will unlock for Art Brussels 2023 (as long as the NFT is bought between April 28th and May 2nd 2022)
  • An asset who’s value might accrue if Parallel’s mission becomes successful.